Today in European history: the Battle of Mohács (1687)

and that's the way it was

The other notable Middle East-related anniversary today involves another European victory over the Muslims, this one over the increasingly vulnerable Ottomans in 1687 at Mohács, which today is located in southern Hungary. The was part of the Great Turkish War, which ran 1683-1699 and pitted the “Holy League” (the Habsburg Empire, Russia, Poland-Lithuania, Venice, Hungary, Croatia, and some scattered Greek and Cossack forces) against the Ottomans. The war really kicked off with the Ottomans’ 1683 attempt to besiege Vienna, and when that siege failed the Ottomans spent most of the rest of the war losing territory to the various European powers. Ultimately the war would end with the 1699 Treaty of Karlowitz, which was really the first time the Ottomans were forced to conclude a peace treaty entirely on European terms and which thus marks a real turning point in the Ottoman-European rivalry. It also set up the…

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