Taking more of a break

This is just a reminder that this blog is still on hiatus through Labor Day (and a little beyond that, actually–see below). Although I still kept posting stuff last week, albeit at a reduced pace, this week I’m actually traveling, and between that and the fact that I’m continuing to interim edit LobeLog I’m not going to have much time left to post anything of substance here. Most of our precious content this week will consist of me reblogging some “this day in history” material and flagging interesting reads from other venues (we’ve got a couple of pieces coming up this week on LobeLog that I am particularly excited about).

So, about the “beyond Labor Day” thing I mentioned above. Here’s the thing: I had intended to use part of the time I was stepping away from the blog to work on an idea I’ve had in my head for a few weeks now, one I’m not going to talk about in detail unless it actually comes to fruition. But I just didn’t have time to do that last week, and this week is almost certainly a no-go. So at this point I am probably going to push my “full-time” return to blogging back one more week so that I have next week, when I’m back to being a LobeLog contributor rather than its editor, to think about this other thing. Thanks for your indulgence.


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