Today in European history: the Albanian Revolt of 1912 ends

and that's the way it was

(Reminder: I’m on a break this week)

Today is not Albanian Independence Day; that’s November 28, 1912, when Albania formally declared its independence from the Ottoman Empire as part of the First Balkan War. But the outcome of the ~8 month long 1912 Albanian Revolt, which ended on September 4, 1912, with the Ottomans acceding to almost all of the the rebels’ demands, was the immediate cause of that First Balkan War and, thus, I suppose, of Albanian independence.

Nationalism came to the Albanians of the Ottoman Empire later than it did to other Ottoman subject peoples like the Greeks, Bulgarians, and Serbians, in part because the element of religion was removed from the equation. Albanians (an I’m including Kosovars here) were one of the two Balkan populations, along with the Bosniaks, who converted to Islam in large numbers during the Ottoman period and stuck with it into the present day…

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