Today in Middle Eastern history: Jordan’s Black September begins (1970)


and that's the way it was

Anybody familiar with the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre might wonder if the title of this post refers to the Palestinian terrorist organization that perpetrated the Munich attack, and the answer is, well:

See, “Black September,” the organization, never would have existed if it weren’t for “Black September,” the event that began on September 16, 1970 in Jordan. Or at the very least, the organization would have been called something else.

Prior to September 1970, tensions had been on rise for many years between the Hashemite monarchy of Jordan and the country’s majority Palestinian population. Jordan had become home to large numbers of Palestinians fleeing in the wake of the formation of Israel (and subsequent Arab-Israeli War) in 1948, which resulted in Jordan annexing the West Bank and thereby admitting still more Palestinians into its kingdom. When Israel seized the West Bank after the 1967 Six-Day War, still more Palestinian refugees…

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