Quiet around here

I’m expecting the rest of the week here to be slower than usual. Today is going to be very hit or miss as there’s a lot of activity going on around attwiw HQ, and I’ll be traveling for family stuff for the rest of the week. UPDATE: and, on top of everything else, I’m pretty sure I’m getting sick as a dog. Things will get back to normal on Monday. Thanks for reading!

Hey, while I’ve got you here, I’d like to ask two favors:

  • First, I sometimes see that people are clicking on links on this site that are now dead, but because of the way WordPress does its stats I don’t know what posts those links are from. If you come across any dead links please say something in the comments on that post and I’ll try to find a new link that accomplishes the same purpose.
  • Second, I’d like to revive the idea of putting together a foreign policy/MENA glossary with reader input. I started working on that project but petered out quickly, and I feel badly about that. I have a nice email from somebody who suggested a number of possible entries, and I’ll start working on them, but I’d like to field more suggestions from you all.

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