And now for something completely different

Today is going to be another light blogging day, although when I say “another”–I mean, considering I didn’t start writing until around 6 PM yesterday I think I churned out a decent number of words. But I digress.

I’m sorry to make this All About Me, but today I tried going to a strange new place…


The truth is, I used to be a member at a gym I liked very much, but it went out of business a few months back. One of the reasons I liked it was that I was often one of only 3 or 4 people in the place at any given time, and apparently that’s not a very sustainable business model. Anyway as I say it’s been a few months, most of which I spent resisting the opportunity to join any of the big chain gyms around here, most of which get bad-to-mediocre online reviews at best. I finally did join a big chain gym, though this one gets very good reviews, and I worked out there for the first time today. On the plus side, I was able to find all the equipment I needed to get through the workout routine I was doing at my old gym. On the downside, I got through the workout routine I was doing at my old gym–all the way through, after several months of, you know, not doing that. And now not only do I look like a guy who hadn’t worked out in a few months, I also feel like a guy who hadn’t worked out in a few months, and then did. If I don’t make it, please remember me as a Man of Peace. I don’t really have the credentials for it, but neither did Shimon Peres, and yet here we are.

I’ll probably be back this evening with something more meaningful, after I shepherd my daughter to one of her various after-school activities, but since I’m feeling in a healthy mood I thought I’d do the rare bit of food blogging and share the thing that’s been keeping me alive for the past few weeks. It’s a smoothie, so feel free to get out of the car here if that’s not your thing.


My family, in an effort to be nice but also send a clear message, got me a NutriBullet for my last birthday, so I use that. You can probably use any blender, but what do I look like, the Appliance Guy?

In to the Nutribullet (or whatever), I put:

  • pinch of salt (this sounded weird to me too, when I thought of it, but it really helps the taste–just don’t overdo it)
  • juice of one lemon (if necessary) or one lime (better)
  • vegetables (wait, where are you going?)
    • handful of baby spinach (baby kale would work too, but I find we’re more likely to use baby spinach in other things so I usually buy that)
    • handful of broccoli slaw (this is just shredded broccoli, carrot, and cabbage, you should be able to find it around the bagged salad greens in your supermarket)
  • fruit
    • banana (this is essential unless you have problems eating bananas; the texture is much less pleasant without it)
    • two handfuls of frozen fruit (I usually use mango and pineapple, but use whatever you like–just realize that the color could change to various shades of unappetizing depending on what you put in)
  • small handful of raw walnuts (optional)
  • add-ins (also optional)–I’ve kind of gone around the bend, so I throw in a tablespoon of flax powder, a tablespoon of chia powder, some of this green superfood powder that my wife likes, and some protein powder (you may have to experiment on the protein powder; I bought some unflavored pea protein and then learned that “unflavored” is actually its own flavor, and not a very pleasant one at that)
  • add as much water as will fit in there, you kind of want it to be a little runny at this point

Blend everything thoroughly, then add another handful of frozen fruit (I usually use peaches) and blend again. Doing it twice like this is probably bad for the device, but the frozen fruit takes up so much space that I find you have to blend it in stages to get enough in there to make the smoothie taste ok. The second round of frozen fruit should thicken the smoothie a bit, which is why you want it a little runny after the initial blend.

If you’re using a larger blender than I am, and you can fit everything in all at once, then obviously there’s no need to follow this last step and you can just throw in all the fruit at the same time.

That’s it. It doesn’t look like much:

Please ignore the books…for now

and I’m sure there are ways I could make it healthier or whatever, but I’ve lost five pounds in a little under two months with the only big change in my lifestyle being that I have one of these for lunch most days instead of something worse for me. And I have to say it tastes pretty decent.

So there you go. I know this isn’t the place anybody goes looking for recipes or lifestyle blogging, but every once in a while I figure it’s OK to throw you a curveball.



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