You broke it, you own it

I’m still processing what happened last night and I think I’ll be processing it for a few days, so if blogging isn’t what it normally is please bear with me. I know it’s bad form to wield your child in political discussions, and I totally understand why, but I am genuinely worried about her growing up in a country governed by a mix of white male resentment, Ayn Randian dystopianism, all-consuming fear of the Other, conspiracy insanity, and hostility to factual reality.

I’ve written one piece on one small part of the Trump effect, the danger he poses to the Iran nuclear deal, for LobeLog, but I think that’s all I’ve got by way of analysis right now. If you’re looking for some needed takes today, I recommend Jim Newell’s eulogy for the Democratic Party (it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch) and Alex Pareene’s eulogy for all of us (ditto).

One thing I will say, as the title of this post suggests: we all own what happens next. We all allowed this vapid gasbag of grievance and unearned victimhood to gain a foothold in our politics and to spread his toxic message to the places it was best received. Some of us may bear more responsibility for it than others (Hi CNN! What a fucking catastrophe you turned out to be! Hi, Hillary Clinton! How’d all that outreach to The Good Republicans go?), but whatever damage this man, and the depraved Congress he’ll have to work with, do–to women, to immigrants, to minorities, to Muslims, to healthcare, to the economy, to the human race–is on all of us. And so is the responsibility to resist him in every way, at every turn, in every time and place, until he and his grotesque followers are excised from American politics like the tumor they are.

But that same message also applies to President-Elect Trump. Congratulations, Donald, you’re going to be the next President of a United States that is divided at home and is now being looked upon with disbelief abroad. And here you are, having won a long, grueling presidential campaign and still yet to articulate a single coherent thought about what you might do in office. Good luck with that. You broke it, you own it.


Author: DWD

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