Giving Tuesday links

Admittedly 8 PM is not the best time to be getting to this, but since the day isn’t over I’m still technically in the clear. Last year I posted a few Giving Tuesday suggestions and so I thought I might do that again this year except without all the heavy verbiage that came along with last year’s post.

First off here’s a link to all the charity posts I’ve done here in the past, which include many causes and/or charities that could still use your money.

Then there’s GiveWell, my favorite of the so-called “meta-charities,” places that use your donations to research charitable organizations and then encourage donations to the ones they rate most highly. Places like this generate a multiplier effect, meaning that every dollar you give to them can generate more than a dollar (sometimes considerably more) for the charities they promote. Other meta-charities include Innovations for Poverty Action, The Life You Can Save, and the Institute of Fundraising.

GiveDirectly is a charity that doesn’t have the name recognition of some of the old standbys like the Red Cross, but they give cash transfers directly to the poor in Kenya and Uganda. Giving people cash, amazingly enough, may be a more effective poverty-alleviation strategy than piecemeal service provision (the research on this isn’t 100% clear, though, so if you feel better donating to a service provider by all means do that). However, since GiveDirectly is served by GiveWell, if you’re thinking of donating here it might make more sense to donate to GiveWell (that multiplier effect and all).

Then there are the, as I say, old standbys, who operate in conflict zones and in the wake of natural disasters, and are working with people displaced by conflicts in Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, and elsewhere. Here are some of those (I’m trying to stick to places that have four star Charity Navigator ratings):

Last, and very much least by comparison, you could also contribute to keeping this website alive. I appreciate everyone who’s dropped a little money in the PayPal jar or made a monthly commitment through Patreon (both available via the front page), but I won’t lie, more would be very welcome, especially around this time of the year. If you value the writing here and have a little extra to spare, please consider supporting this place. Thank you!


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