I need your help


Hi there. If you’re reading this then I assume you’re one of the increasing number of people who have been coming here fairly regularly to catch up on world news, bone up on some esoteric history, check out my commentary on US foreign policy, read my rants about the Democratic Party and/or my fears about Donald Trump, or some combination of those things. Thank you for reading! It is tremendously gratifying to me that this blog, which literally started with no readers in 2012, is getting an audience. This site isn’t Vox, or Slate, or anywhere near any of the other big sites–though frankly I think this place stands up to any of them in depth, if not in breadth–but with no money, no advertising apart from my overused Twitter account, and no institutional support I think it’s come a long way for a site devoted to a pretty niche-y set of topics.

I’m sure you already know that this is leading to a fundraising appeal, and believe me I don’t like writing this any more than you like reading it, but your support is critical to allowing me to keep writing here, and to keep writing in general as opposed to finding something else that might better pay the bills. I love writing, and I love writing for you, and if I weren’t the World’s Worst FreelancerTM I’m sure that I would be doing more freelance business and the financial need wouldn’t be so acute. But while I am working on not being the World’s Worst FreelancerTM anymore, it is very much a work in progress, and in the meantime the need is, in fact, acute.

So I’m asking for your help. If you enjoy this site and value the work I do here, please consider contributing something to help me keep doing it. I believe there’s a market for this website; there certainly seems to be an audience for it. It doesn’t take much; a small drop in the PayPal tip jar or (better) even a $2 or $3 per month pledge on Patreon goes a long way.

Thanks for bearing with this; I know fundraising is a drag. And again, thanks for reading and for your support.


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