Today in European history: the First Battle of Kosovo (1389)

Yes, I know this is late. I lost track of time, sorry.

Today is the anniversary of the First Battle of Kosovo, in 1389, the one that, as I said when talking about the Second Battle of Kosovo, in 1448, is the one most people will probably think of when you say “the Battle of Kosovo” without specifying any particular one. This Battle of Kosovo, though tactically inconclusive, was a strategic Ottoman victory that both set the stage for early Ottoman domination of the Balkans and went a long way toward establishing a Serbian national consciousness, and toward centering Kosovo within that consciousness. It’s an important battle with long-reaching implications that is unfortunately not very well-documented (a very common problem with much of early Ottoman history). But we’ll do the best we can.

Source: Today in European history: the First Battle of Kosovo (1389)

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