Not enough hours

Folks, it seems quite likely that I will not be able to join you for an evening of blogging the news this evening.

This week’s struggles were entirely predictable. Normally I kind of take it easy during the first week after the school year ends (Northern Virginia’s school year ends late), because my daughter’s summer activities haven’t started yet so it’s a tough week to get anything done. This year I tried not to do that because–spoiler alert–I’m going to be traveling a lot in July so the whole month is going to be very irregular. But that doesn’t change the fact that, well, the first week after the school year ends is a tough week to get anything done.

My apologies. I know you enjoy our nightly updates and many of you are generously supporting my ability to keep doing them, so I feel bad when things kind of go off the skids and prevent me from doing them, but tonight there’s just nothing to be done for it. Tomorrow should be better, and I know I said that yesterday about today but I thank you for bearing with me nonetheless.

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