July at attwiw

I wanted to put this out at the start of the month to let you all know that it’s going to be a very irregular next few weeks around here. The next couple of days should be normal, but later this week we’ll be spending a few days visiting family. I’m not sure if that will lend itself to being on the blog but chances are it won’t. Next week should be more or less a normal week, but then I’m taking–get this–an actual, genuine vacation, for the first time in…well, it’s been a while. We’re going to Maine, where I’ll be almost totally off the grid–as in “possibly no internet” off the grid–for at least the third week of July and most likely well into the week after that as we drive home and stop at a few places along the way. Then things will get back to normal. I’ll try to put some things in the queue while I’m away, but obviously our nightly updates are going to go on hold.

I know writing doesn’t seem like hard work and in relative terms it really isn’t, but you burn out on it like people burn out on anything else, and writing upwards of 6000 words a night, six nights a week, hastens the burnout. So I’m looking at this month as a chance for a much needed recharge. Thanks for your readership and support!

Author: DWD

writer, blogger, lover, fighter

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