Today in North African history: the 1969 Libyan coup

The 1950s and 1960s saw a number of coups in the Arab world. Syria experienced three coups in 1949 (which, OK, isn’t the 1950s, but close enough) and another in 1951, Egypt had a major one in 1952, Syria again in 1954, Iraq overthrew its post-colonial monarchy in 1958, Syria had another major coup in 1961, the Mutawakkilite monarchy was overthrown in Yemen in 1962, Syria (yet again) and Iraq both experienced coups in 1963, Algeria had a military coup in 1965, Syria (Jesus Christ) in 1966, and Libya experienced a coup on September 1, 1969, which is our subject today.

Source: Today in Middle Eastern/North African history: the 1969 Libyan coup

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