Columbus and the Islamic World

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! As we commemorate the impact that Christopher Columbus had upon the peoples of the Americas, I thought in keeping with the focus of this blog that it would be appropriate to talk about his impact on the Middle East.

Source: Columbus and the Islamic World


2 thoughts on “Columbus and the Islamic World

  1. I am American working in Korea.
    I enjoy reading the articles on your website and find them very useful.

    But I am having a problem donating.
    While trying to donate though PayPal, I select English language, but when I begin trying to to use PayPal, the screen language suddenly switches to Korean.
    Other Americans living abroad might be having the same problem.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Thanks for trying! Unfortunately this seems like a PayPal issue that you’d have to talk with them about. Have you considered doing a monthly contribution via Patreon instead? Even $1/month goes a long way (it’s actually a lot more valuable to me than getting single PayPal contributions) and entitles you to additional content.

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