More Patreon stuff

Hey, sorry to put you through another housekeeping post, but I’m going to start moving some past Patreon essays over to WordPress under the same paywall system as Saturday’s essay. This is pretty much a naked hustle for more subscribers but I also think it will be nice to integrate those essays into the blog rather than having them in a totally separate situation. I’m not going to delete them from Patreon, so don’t worry about that. But if you see some posts that trigger your sense of deja vu, it’s because I’m in reruns so to speak. I don’t have a schedule or timeframe for doing this, they’ll just pop in now and again until I’ve moved the ones I want to move.

Also because somebody asked in a comment, my Patreon podcasts will remain on Patreon only. I think Patreon is pretty good for podcasts, better than it is for writing, and I don’t see any need even to attempt a switch.


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