Today in Middle Eastern history: Sykes-Picot is signed (1916)

If you’re in the market for such things, I’d imagine you could find more thinkpieces lamenting Sykes-Picot on the internets today than anyone should ever read. I sometimes wonder how mortified Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot would be to know that their most lasting contribution to history is this line they drew, probably without giving it very much thought, that is now blamed for a considerable percentage of the dysfunction of the modern Middle East. And some of that blame isn’t entirely fair. For one thing, as Michael Collins Dunn points out, when most people talk about “Sykes-Picot” today they’re really using this agreement as shorthand for the whole host of post-World War I agreements that were drawn up among the victorious European allies that arranged for the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, many of which changed what Sykes and Picot were trying to do.

Source: Today in Middle Eastern history: Sykes-Picot is signed (1916)

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