Happy Holidays from attwiw

Hello friends, Derek here to say Happy Holidays to you and yours from me and mine. I wanted to take this opportunity between Hanukkah and Christmas, and before we get so close to Christmas that nobody is paying attention to anything, to thank you so much for coming to and that’s the way it was and making this site a part of your effort to better understand the world around us. There would be no point to me writing as much as I do here and at the Ibn Battuta Project if nobody were reading it, and so quite literally this wouldn’t be possible without you.

That said, I’d also like to take this opportunity to ask you to consider becoming an ongoing subscriber to attwiw via Patreon, so that we can continue to build this site into something bigger and, hopefully, better. I know it’s the holidays and money can be tight around this time of the year. But those of you who are already signed up know that even a $1/month commitment can help sustain and grow the site and give you access to what I think are some pretty cool features available only to subscribers. Additional features, like my twice-weekly (usually) podcast and weekly (usually) subscriber request essays, are available to those who sign up at the $3 and $5/month levels, respectively. If you’re uncomfortable with commitment but would like to support attwiw on a one-time basis, PayPal works. I can’t offer you additional content that way, but you can support all the blogging that goes on around here that’s free to the public.

If you are a subscriber, then you know that your support has already enabled us to bring in guest writers, who have expanded the scope and depth of the work here at attwiw, and podcast guests, who have done the same for my podcasts over at Patreon. Later this week I’ll be posting links to all of this years’s guest posts and podcast interviews (which are always free to the public), so you can see what your support has enabled and catch up on anything you might have missed.

But there’s more we can do in 2019 and beyond if we can make the attwiw pie higher. More guest writers and more interviews are a definite, but I’m thinking bigger. A site redesign? An actual engineer who knows how to produce a podcast? Additional regular writers? All of these things are possible, but only with your help. If you’re not subscribed, please do so. If you are, please get the word out to people you think might be interested in the work that goes on here. There’s been a lot of talk out there over the past several months about how to build foreign policy capacity on the Left, and I would argue that we can’t build that capacity unless we’re informed about what’s going on out there. Together we’ve already made attwiw a place where people can do that, but there’s so much more room to grow. I hope you’ll help make that growth happen.

Thanks for reading, and again Happy Holidays!


One thought on “Happy Holidays from attwiw

  1. Thank you Derek, I am hoping to soon be able to support you on partreon, thank you for the work you do and ill continue to spread the word!!! Happy Holidays!!!!

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