Today in North African history: the Battle of Kasserine Pass (1943)

The Battle of Kasserine Pass, which took place from February 19-25, 1943, was the follow up to the Battle of Sidi Bouzid earlier that month and and engagement at nearby Faïd Pass in late January. In the first two clashes, Axis forces under the command of General Hans-Jürgen von Arnim and Field Marshal Erwin Rommel got the drop on the Allied forces and won decisive victories. At Kasserine Pass, Rommel overextended his forces and ultimately had to give back the gains he made, but he still won a tactical victory, inflicting significant losses on the Allied forces. However, the failures in these three battles caused Allied (and particularly American) commanders to reorganize operations and remove some incompetent officers, which ultimately turned the defeats here into long-term success. In part because of the changes that were made following these battles, the Tunisia Campaign ended in May 1943 with an Allied victory and the Axis’s expulsion from North Africa.

Source: Today in North African history: the Battle of Kasserine Pass (1943)

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