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As the title says, “and that’s the way it was” is on the move. Starting April 1, this site as well as my related Patreon site will be moving to Substack, where you’ll be able to find it at attwiw.substack.com. You can go there right now, see the little “coming soon” post I’ve left there for you, and sign up for my free email list. One of the nice things about Substack is that it functions as an email newsletter, so the content comes to you rather than you having to go to it (though it also functions as a blog for folks who prefer that). You’ll then be asked if you want to subscribe for paid content. The price is $5/month or $50 for a full year, but for a limited time (through May 1), you can get one year of paid content for $4/month or $40 for the full year.


One thing I want to make clear is that attwiw isn’t going away, just changing homes. The things you come here to read–the nightly world news updates, the “this date in history” posts, the guest commentaries–will all be moving to Substack with me. So will my Patreon content–weekly discussion threads, podcasts, and essays on topics requested by subscribers. It will all be coming under one roof, which is going to be considerably easier for me to manage.

This does mean that more of attwiw’s content is going to be subscriber-only. Some things will remain free–guest commentaries, podcast interviews, history posts. Some things will remain subscriber-only–requested essays, “normal” podcasts, those weekly discussion threads. As for the news updates, they’ll be moving to a part-free, part-subscriber model. I’m committed to at least one entirely “free” day per week with additional updates during the week unlocked more or less as I see fit. I’ll try to strike the right balance with these but it may take me a little while to find it.


Why am I making this switch? There are several reasons. One big one involves my growing concerns about Patreon. I’ve already explained this to my Patreon supporters and there’s no really need to go into detail about that here. But I will say that since they approached me about switching, everything I’ve seen of and heard about the folks at Substack has convinced me that it’s the right home for this blog, and me, moving forward. Another big reason involves my own hopes for attwiw, which can only keep growing with more resources. I expect there will be people upset by my decision to put the news updates, or at least some portion of them, behind a paywall. But if you believe that the material I’ve been producing here and at Patreon has value, as I do, then I hope you’ll support this move as I attempt to turn what was increasingly an untenable working model into something that can actually sustain itself and hopefully even grow.

As I say I’m starting at Substack on April 1, so the rest of this month will proceed as normal both here and at WordPress. For the first week I’ll be crossposting both here and there to give people a chance to make the switch, and I’ll be going entirely to Substack starting on April 7. Again, you can go to the site now and sign up for the free email list and (hopefully) subscribe to the paid content list. If you’re already a Patreon supporter of mine then you’ll already know what you’re getting by becoming a Substack subscriber. If you’re not, I think the subscriber-only content will be well worth your $5/month or thereabouts.


I understand change is bothersome and inconvenient, and believe me I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think it was the right thing for attwiw and the right place to house my work. I’m excited about what awaits us at Substack and look forward to seeing you all there soon. Thanks as always for your support!

If you have any questions I’ll try to answer them in the comments.

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    1. I’m going to try to move a lot of those posts over to Substack, but it will obviously take a while. But yes, this site will still be here.

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