What He Said (second in a series)

So the piece I wrote yesterday got a lot of attention, and a lot of positive feedback, for which I'm grateful. When I stray beyond foreign policy and world affairs I'm the first to admit that I'm out of my comfort zone, and I certainly didn't intend that post to be anything more than a … Continue reading What He Said (second in a series)

Politicizing Ethnic Cleansing

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a video on YouTube. A video that may shock, anger, and possibly horrify you. Here it is, and please don't say I didn't warn you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQ1BltDU4iM Oh wait, no, that was a campaign ad from last February. Still, horrifying. This was last week's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8CUFSHB114 Netanyahu's attempt … Continue reading Politicizing Ethnic Cleansing

The History of Turkey’s Diyanet

Kristin Fabbe and Kimberly Guiler, at The Washington Post's "Monkey Cage" blog, looked at the proliferation of conspiracy theories surrounding last week's attempted coup in Turkey. In their piece, they made a point about a Turkish institution that probably deserves more explanation than they were able to give it, the Diyanet: Turkey’s self-avowed secularists also … Continue reading The History of Turkey’s Diyanet

Today in Mexican history: the shortest presidency ever (1913)

Hey, I've moved! If you enjoy this post you can find more of my writing at Foreign Exchanges, a Substack newsletter covering a variety of topics in history and foreign affairs. Check it out today and become a subscriber! I have to start this post with a caveat, which is that that Mexican history is … Continue reading Today in Mexican history: the shortest presidency ever (1913)