Middle East update: January 15 2018

IRAQ At least 38 people were reportedly killed on Monday in a double suicide bombing in Baghdad's Tayaran Square area. Casualty reports are contradictory, as they often are in these situations, but the highest count I've seen says that over 100 other people were injured in the attack. This is the second terrorist attack in … Continue reading Middle East update: January 15 2018

Shithole update #3 (Europe/Americas): January 11-12 2018

EUROPEUKRAINE Three Ukrainian soldiers were killed on Thursday as Kiev and eastern Ukrainian separatists accused one another of ratcheting up the violence in the Donbas. POLAND In an effort to prove to the European Union that it really stands for democracy and isn't just trying to amass power, Poland's ruling Law and Justice party on … Continue reading Shithole update #3 (Europe/Americas): January 11-12 2018

Shithole update #2 (Asia/Africa): January 11-12 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN A Friday morning Taliban attack on a police outpost in Farah province killed three Afghan police officers. US forces on Thursday reportedly┬ábombed an Afghan government-aligned militia in Nangarhar province after one or more members of that militia opened fire on US special forces troops amid some kind of argument. At least 13 militia … Continue reading Shithole update #2 (Asia/Africa): January 11-12 2018

Shithole update #1 (Middle East): January 11-12 2018

SYRIA To the extent that anybody's eyes are still on Syria, right now they're on Idlib province, where fighting has escalated to levels perhaps not seen in western Syria since Bashar al-Assad's forces captured eastern Aleppo back in 2016. More than 100,000 people have already been displaced in this fighting, which kicked up a notch … Continue reading Shithole update #1 (Middle East): January 11-12 2018

World update: January 10 2018

ASIA MYANMAR The Myanmar military has admitted that its soldiers murdered ten Rohingya prisoners in September, during its excessive crackdown/ethnic cleansing campaign. It's one of the few instances in which they've allowed that perhaps some of their soldiers acted inappropriately during the episode that saw mass atrocities committed against the Rohingya community. CHINA Beijing's Belt … Continue reading World update: January 10 2018