Middle East update: January 10 2018

SYRIA The United Nations reports that 85 civilians have been killed just in Ghouta so far in 2018 and says there are concerns that combatants on both sides are failing to distinguish between civilian and military targets. Meanwhile, to the north, Turkey is continuing to demand, without effect, a halt to the Syrian offensive in … Continue reading Middle East update: January 10 2018

Middle East update: January 9 2018

SYRIA Damascus says that Israeli forces struck the Qutaifa area near Damascus from air and ground on Tuesday, presumably because of something to do with Hezbollah although as usual the Israeli government refused to talk about it. Questions about who exactly has been attacking Russia's military bases in Latakia remain unanswered, and that's encouraging some creative … Continue reading Middle East update: January 9 2018

Europe/Americas update: January 8 2018

EUROPE GERMANY The Social Democrats took a step closer to forming a governing coalition with Angela Merkel's conservative alliance on Monday...by compromising their environmental policies! GREAT! Germany’s would-be coalition partners have agreed to drop plans to lower carbon dioxide emissions by 40 percent from 1990 levels by 2020, sources familiar with negotiations said on Monday … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: January 8 2018

World update: January 6-7 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Reuters has conducted an interview with Atta Muhammad Nur, who remains governor of Balkh even though President Ashraf Ghani, uh, "accepted" his "resignation" almost three weeks ago. While there's every reason to believe that Atta Muhammad Nur is neck deep in corruption in his Balkh fiefdom, he argues--and he's probably not wrong--that Ghani … Continue reading World update: January 6-7 2018