World update: January 1-2 2018

We're going to ease back into things after the long holiday break. As usual when I take an extended break I'm not going to even attempt to run down everything that happened while I was gone. We'll cover what's happened the past couple of days with a few scattered looks at things that happened prior … Continue reading World update: January 1-2 2018

Europe/Americas update: December 20 2017

CONFLICT UPDATE United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres presented a report to the UN Security Council on Wednesday on the nature of war in the year two thousand and seventeen. In addition to warning of the return of nuclear tensions and the cyberwar threat, Guterres spoke about the increasing complexity of modern wars, which may be fewer … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: December 20 2017

Middle East update: December 20 2017

SYRIA Overnight airstrikes killed 19 civilians in the rebel-held Idlib village of Maar Shureen, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Russia denied involvement, which means it was likely the Syrian air force that carried out the attack. Witnesses allege that this was a double-tap strike, with a second bombing following shortly after the first … Continue reading Middle East update: December 20 2017