Deadline posting: the Battle of Rafa (January 2017)

Hi everybody! I’m on a deadline that may keep me from posting anything else today (stay tuned if you like), but in anticipation of just such a thing I’ve been holding on to Michael Collins Dunn’s two-part look at the Battle of Rafah, which took place 100 years ago this month. Rafah wasn’t a huge… Continue reading Deadline posting: the Battle of Rafa (January 2017)

Barack Obama and American foreign policy

As President Obama heads off to, well, whatever it is he plans on doing, everybody and their NatSec Granny has been doing foreign policy retrospectives of his administration. Some of them have been mostly positive, others largely negative, and that’s just among the analysts who are generally straight shooters rather than rabid partisans whose assessments… Continue reading Barack Obama and American foreign policy

Corruption matters

Amid all the post-election “how the hell did we get here” analysis, a lot of which has focused squarely and rightly on the myriad failures of the Democratic Party, another piece of the puzzle has gotten lost a bit, and that has to do with what Donald Trump represented to a lot of voters–a vote… Continue reading Corruption matters

Ready on Day One

Ryan Cooper of The Week offers a clarifying and frightening look at the surveillance and assassination operation that Barack Obama is about to bequeath to Donald Trump: Let’s review what has been built over the last years and decades. There is the dragnet surveillance program at the NSA, built by Bush and expanded by Obama,… Continue reading Ready on Day One

If you read only two things today…

I’m fighting off a bug and have a sick child home from school, so unless something moves me greatly I think the blog will be quiet for the rest of the day. But if you’re looking for something to read I’ve got a couple of suggestions. First, Atrios’s righteous anger is pretty good: Monday morning… Continue reading If you read only two things today…

All the news that’s fit to make you sick

  If it’s seemed like things have been a little sparse around here this week, it’s because, at the cost of a little sleep and a lot of sanity, I’ve been heavily covering the Trump transition for LobeLog. I haven’t been posting links to those stories here because I wanted to wait until I had… Continue reading All the news that’s fit to make you sick

Saying all the right things

It’s going to be another day with me mostly away from the blog, sorry, but in the interim you should enjoy my friend Brendan James’s profile of natsec “expert” Robert Caruso. Caruso is, apparently, a Navy veteran with impressive credentials: Which brings us to the strange case of Robert Caruso, a young, intense, and charismatic… Continue reading Saying all the right things