Eid Mubarak!

Eid al-Fitr begins either sundown tonight or sundown tomorrow depending on the country, so let me wish those of you who are celebrating, and your loved ones, a happy and blessed festival. Advertisements

Fun with languages

Language, as in the study of a foreign language, is one of those things that fascinates me while also driving me absolutely bananas. I’ve studied several and struggle at pretty much all of them, but I enjoy learning about them and that’s why I sometimes note interesting stories about language here at this very English-language… Continue reading Fun with languages

Season’s Greetings!

With Santa headed our way and Hanukkah already started, let me wish you all a very Happy Holidays from our home to yours. I must especially thank, and yes this is a plug, everyone who has generously contributed to keeping this site afloat, via PayPal and/or Patreon. I literally couldn’t do this without you. Although… Continue reading Season’s Greetings!

Today in Iranian history: the Shahnameh is completed (1010)

Obviously there are a lot of important works of literature that have been created over the years and across the many cultures of the world, so if I were to describe Abu’l-Qasim Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh as simply a great work of literature I would be doing it something of an injustice. It is a great work… Continue reading Today in Iranian history: the Shahnameh is completed (1010)

Saturday Night Tunes: What Is There to Say?

Friends, without making this All About Me, I’m scrambling right now. I forgot to put this in the queue before I left town, and I’ve been stymied in most of my efforts to grab a bit of internet while I’ve been away, which is why you’ve gotten a total of one (1) post since Wednesday… Continue reading Saturday Night Tunes: What Is There to Say?

Saturday Night Tunes: Boss Tenors

I need your help to keep this blog going! Please read this and consider contributing something. Also, while you’re out there on the internet tubes, please consider liking this blog’s Facebook page and following me on Twitter! And please share my work with your friends/followers to help me grow the audience around here! Thank you! Although… Continue reading Saturday Night Tunes: Boss Tenors