Aleppo update: November 28

On the situation in eastern Aleppo


Mosul/Aleppo/Yemen update, October 23

Mosul Kurdish forces attacked Bashiqa, another village a short distance east of Mosul. The Kurds claim that they “completely control” Bashiqa now, but it’s not entirely clear what they mean by that and it’s very likely that some ISIS fighters still remain in the town. Nevertheless, it’s being reported that the Peshmerga have advanced to… Continue reading Mosul/Aleppo/Yemen update, October 23

Mosul and Aleppo update, 10/20

Since the situations in both Mosul and Aleppo are developing rapidly and I don’t feel like trying to come up with pithy titles for each frequent update, let’s just go with something bland and basic, OK? After a day of rest, either to consolidate gains or because the Kurds and the Iraqi army were already… Continue reading Mosul and Aleppo update, 10/20

Vladimir Putin Says A Thing

Russia and Syria are supposedly planning to stop annihilating Aleppo for all of 8 hours later today (it’s 3:30 AM in Damascus right now), to give people trapped there a chance to get out. And, hey, we’ll see. But Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, François Hollande, and Petro Poroshenko got together in Berlin today to talk… Continue reading Vladimir Putin Says A Thing

The messenger matters

A few days ago CATO’s Emma Ashford wrote a piece for Foreign Policy called “Gary Johnson’s ‘Aleppo Moments’ Don’t Undo a Smart, Libertarian Foreign-Policy Platform.” And, I mean, of course they do, but I appreciate the argument she’s trying to make here: The big tragedy here is that the foreign-policy approach offered by the Johnson-Weld… Continue reading The messenger matters

Full of sound and fury

There are two ongoing situations dominating recent events in Syria. One is the month-long rebel advance north of the city of Hama, led by Jaysh al-Fatah (the partnership between Ahrar al-Sham and Jabhat al-Nusra Fatah al-Sham that captured Idlib province from Bashar al-Assad last summer), Jund al-Aqsa (a Nusra offshoot), and elements of the Free… Continue reading Full of sound and fury

Who cares about Gary Johnson’s “Aleppo moments”?

Here I have helpfully compiled the top five reasons why it doesn’t matter that Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson essentially can’t name a single foreign leader–or at least not one who can be justified as “respectable”–if asked. Some of these are a little complex, but hopefully you’ll be able to follow along: Gary Johnson will… Continue reading Who cares about Gary Johnson’s “Aleppo moments”?