Let the madness end

Like most of the rest of the world, I am being emotionally held hostage by the presidential elections, so I hope you’ll forgive me if things aren’t very active around here today. I should be writing a piece for pay, but I can’t even focus well enough to do that and there’s potentially some money… Continue reading Let the madness end

Donny T and the Anti-War Movement

Over at Medium, because it’s been a while, I considered the possibility that pro-Trump self-professed anti-war folks might be on to something. I remain unconvinced: Hey, maybe you’re thinking that doesn’t sound so bad! Bombing the shit out of ISIS? Cool! But ISIS hasn’t segregated itself. Bombing the shit out of them entails bombing the… Continue reading Donny T and the Anti-War Movement

Trump and Islamophobia

I have a new piece up at LobeLog on the Trump phenomenon and its ties with the wave of right-wing, populist-based Islamophobia we’ve seen growing throughout Europe and in the US. Research does show a correlation between increases in anti-Muslim incidents and the 2016 campaign: This uptick in anti-Muslim activity seems to correlate with the… Continue reading Trump and Islamophobia

It’s Trump Time in Tehran

I have very little interest in watching a Fox News personality tongue-bathe the most absurd presidential candidate this country has ever seen, so I may be skipping tonight’s debate. On the other hand, there’s a very good chance that a whole lot of Iranians will be seeing it, and frankly I think this is entirely… Continue reading It’s Trump Time in Tehran

Nothing has changed

Yesterday, Donald Trump was a bully. Today, Donald Trump is a bully. Tomorrow, Donald Trump will be a bully. Yesterday, Donald Trump was a racist. In 1989, Donald Trump was a racist. In 2014, Donald Trump was a racist. Today, Donald Trump is a racist. Tomorrow, Donald Trump will be a racist. Yesterday, Donald Trump… Continue reading Nothing has changed

Fact-free checkers

I watched last night’s VP debate despite my deep personal desire to, you know, not do that, and while I don’t really think there’s much of anything substantive to say about the debate itself (Pence won because, despite lying virtually non-stop from beginning to end, his performance was not as unpleasant to watch as the… Continue reading Fact-free checkers

The messenger matters

A few days ago CATO’s Emma Ashford wrote a piece for Foreign Policy called “Gary Johnson’s ‘Aleppo Moments’ Don’t Undo a Smart, Libertarian Foreign-Policy Platform.” And, I mean, of course they do, but I appreciate the argument she’s trying to make here: The big tragedy here is that the foreign-policy approach offered by the Johnson-Weld… Continue reading The messenger matters