Who cares about Gary Johnson’s “Aleppo moments”?

Here I have helpfully compiled the top five reasons why it doesn’t matter that Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson essentially can’t name a single foreign leader–or at least not one who can be justified as “respectable”–if asked. Some of these are a little complex, but hopefully you’ll be able to follow along: Gary Johnson will… Continue reading Who cares about Gary Johnson’s “Aleppo moments”?

The punch not thrown

If you’re looking for commentary on last night’s debate, I don’t have much for you. To any right-minded human being Donald Trump looked like a heavy-breathing, interrupting, gibberish-spewing moron–seriously, you try to figure out what this means–and that, of course, means that Trump’s base probably thinks he kicked ass. Trump’s problem is that, while there… Continue reading The punch not thrown

DEBATE 2016: Time, channels, and more

Many people are wondering what time the debate is tonight. In fact, people regularly come up to me and say, “Derek, you’re obviously very intelligent, so intelligent, and handsome! Can you tell us what time the debate is tonight, because the losers in the mainstream media”–and they’re just the worst, aren’t they? vile, wretched human… Continue reading DEBATE 2016: Time, channels, and more

Like looking in a mirror

Today in New York, a thin-skinned, narcissistic autocrat with dangerously violent tendencies tried to burnish his dubious foreign policy credentials by meeting with a high-profile foreign political leader. Oh, and Donald Trump was there too: Egypt’s president has been told the US would be a “loyal friend” to Egypt if Donald Trump is elected president,… Continue reading Like looking in a mirror

Man(afort) overboard

So the big story in The New York Times this morning is that Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, long-time Republican operative Paul Manafort, was apparently very well-compensated for all the political consulting he did for former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych a few years back: And Mr. Manafort’s presence remains elsewhere here in the capital, where government… Continue reading Man(afort) overboard

Meet the heretofore unknown “Never Trump” candidate who might just hand the election to Trump

Hey everybody, big news! “Principled Conservatives,” a term that Bill Kristol has used so often lately I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s had it tattooed across his back, have finally found their man to make an independent run against Donald Trump, and it’s big. Which intrepid and clearly well-known (otherwise it would be total folly… Continue reading Meet the heretofore unknown “Never Trump” candidate who might just hand the election to Trump

When did Donald Trump stop being funny?

Don’t get me wrong, there’s always been a disturbing element of xenophobia/racism/antisemitism/Islamophobia underlying Donald Trump’s popularity, and Trump has never been entirely just comic relief, but the longer this goes on and the more unhinged he appears, the less funny his absurdity and stupidity have gotten. The whole Trump phenomenon tipped from “funny” to “curious”… Continue reading When did Donald Trump stop being funny?