Facts actually do matter

Last night Marco Rubio said something factually incorrect about welders and philosophers: During the fourth Republican debate, Marco Rubio picked up a point touched on by Rick Santorum in the undercard debate earlier in the night. “Welders,” Rubio said, “make more money than philosophers.” Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler looked at the idea, but we… Continue reading Facts actually do matter

On “true diversity”

Arthur C. Brooks, the head of the American Enterprise Institute, is worried that American universities are getting this whole “diversity” thing wrong: Scholarly studies have piled up showing that race and gender diversity in the workplace can increase creative thinking and improve performance. Meanwhile, excessive homogeneity can lead to stagnation and poor problem-solving. Unfortunately, new… Continue reading On “true diversity”

Bill Kristol gets a thing wrong

Sorry for the light posting today. I wound up getting called up to do a TV spot, which necessitated an emergency trip to a barber, which necessitated a long wait at the barber, and, well, the whole day didn’t allow much time for writing. I did manage to compile a long collection of tweets by… Continue reading Bill Kristol gets a thing wrong

Everything is always “lurching left”; that’s the point

Canada elected a Liberal government yesterday, and the new Prime Minister-elect, Justin Trudeau, actually looks like he’s…a pretty doctrinaire centrist (in Canadian politics, the Liberal Party is on the center-left, as opposed to the Liberal Party in Australia, which is center-right, because every place that isn’t America is a land of many contrasts). Of course,… Continue reading Everything is always “lurching left”; that’s the point

Full credit for faking it

I spared myself most of last night’s low-budget remake of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie marathon Republican debate, but the conventional wisdom seems to be coalescing over a couple of related points: Donald Trump was the night’s big loser, in part because Carly Fiorina was the night’s big winner Now, the media that appears to… Continue reading Full credit for faking it

Squealing too loudly

Maybe Tony Blair is right for once (sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit), and Labour has consigned itself to the electoral hinterlands by electing Jeremy Corbyn as its leader. But his election sure does seem to be bothering a lot of Very Serious Center/Center-Right People both in the UK and… Continue reading Squealing too loudly

A rare look behind the curtain

It’s not often you get a raw look at what center-right upper-class technocrats really think of the rest of us, so we should thank the Chicago Tribune for providing us with one: A member of the Chicago Tribune’s editorial board wrote Thursday that she is praying for a storm that will transform Chicago — similar… Continue reading A rare look behind the curtain