What gives, clock kid?

Remember that 14 year old kid, Ahmed Mohamed, who tinkered around with a clock to try to show off his engineering skills in his Texas school, and wound up almost being arrested because he’s a Sudanese Muslim and therefore is presumed terrorist (at least when carrying around unfamiliar-looking electronics) here in US America until proven… Continue reading What gives, clock kid?

Burning a little political capital

Last week when I was considering all the motivations that Vladimir Putin might have to entangle himself in the Syrian quagmire, I considered that he might be doing it for domestic political reasons. Well, about that… The Levada poll said that 69 percent either firmly oppose or probably oppose deploying troops to help the Syrian… Continue reading Burning a little political capital

The problem with protests

Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou, is still the scene of clashes between forces loyal to the military junta that just toppled the country’s interim government and those who are protesting said coup. To you and me and most other outsiders, this obviously looks bad, right? And, you know, it is; people are dying in the streets… Continue reading The problem with protests

Red Cross or Red Flag?

I feel obliged to mention this here because when major disasters hit, and when I actually think of it (unfortunately those two things aren’t in a 1:1 ratio because I can be thick like that), I try to post links for charitable donations here in case people are able to give something. Often I include… Continue reading Red Cross or Red Flag?

Hadi and the Houthis cut a deal?

Details are still sketchy, but in general it sounds like Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and the Houthis have reached some sort of deal whereby the Houthis will surrender their territorial gains in exchange for political reform/power sharing. This should be excellent news for everybody in Yemen except maybe Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula,… Continue reading Hadi and the Houthis cut a deal?

Always check the video

So it turns out that Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif doesn’t think Western leaders are idiots after all. Despite what some media reports have said (and what some of us stupidly just picked up without checking), he wasn’t linking sanctions relief to fighting IS in Iraq yesterday, he was linking relief to modifying the heavy… Continue reading Always check the video