Today in Black History: Eli Whitney, wait what the fu

Please help me for a moment. yearly reminder that half the country was incorrectly taught that eli whitney was black — Rembert Browne (@rembert) February 1, 2017 I’m so sheltered that not only did I not learn that Eli Whitney–this guy: was Actually Black, I didn’t even know that learning that Eli Whitney Was Actually… Continue reading Today in Black History: Eli Whitney, wait what the fu

What a difference a few hours can make

Just around the time I settled down to read the news this morning, the top story was a breaking report about an “active shooter” at Ohio State University. I quickly turned on the television, broke my post-election rule about avoiding cable news, and learned that the situation seemed to be under control and that, while… Continue reading What a difference a few hours can make

The importance of circumspection

Cybersecurity is, along with many other things, not my forte. So if I get terms wrong here or otherwise screw up, please leave some constructive criticism in the comments. The story of this weekend was the release of almost 20,000 emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee’s servers by…somebody (we’re getting to that) at some… Continue reading The importance of circumspection

Selective focus

If you’ve been watching TV news and/or listening to our political leaders, then you know one thing about Omar Mateen: he was an ISIS terrorist, or an “Islamic radical,” or whatever magic combination of words we’re all supposed to say. But the more we learn about him the clearer it is that his motivations for… Continue reading Selective focus

Security theater in action

The terrorist attack on the Zeventem Airport in Brussels yesterday targeted one of the softest spots in the entire transportation system: the security queue at any major airport. Our “shoes off, belt off, take out your laptop, measure your liquids, put your left foot in and shake it all about” security screening process creates another… Continue reading Security theater in action

A very bad precedent

InfoSec is not something I write about very often, mostly because I know where my limits are at any given time, and because it’s not something I write about it’s unfortunately not something I’m able to follow very closely. But today at Lawfare, Nicholas Weaver does an excellent job of explaining why this Apple dust-up… Continue reading A very bad precedent

Riding the roller coaster

Finally, my life strategy of being too poor to have any investments is paying off. What’s the problem? Well, lots of things, apparently: Weak U.S. economic data has not helped matters today. December retail sales dipped 0.1% in December. Manufacturing in the New York region came in much weaker-than-expected in January and industrial production for… Continue reading Riding the roller coaster