Sisi lets Obama off the hook

As it turns out, President Obama isn’t even going to get a chance to cave to Benjamin Netanyahu one last time before he departs the White House, because that UN Security Council resolution on halting Israel’s annexation/ethnic cleansing of the West Bank isn’t coming to a vote today after all. Why? Because Egyptian President Abdel… Continue reading Sisi lets Obama off the hook

More on Ohio State

As more information comes out about Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s Facebook manifesto, his rationale for his actions looks like something you’d expect to see from a typical “lone wolf” terrorist: Appearing three minutes before the beginning of the rampage that left 11 people injured, the post reads: “I can’t take it anymore. America! Stop interfering… Continue reading More on Ohio State

What a difference a few hours can make

Just around the time I settled down to read the news this morning, the top story was a breaking report about an “active shooter” at Ohio State University. I quickly turned on the television, broke my post-election rule about avoiding cable news, and learned that the situation seemed to be under control and that, while… Continue reading What a difference a few hours can make

You broke it, you own it

I’m still processing what happened last night and I think I’ll be processing it for a few days, so if blogging isn’t what it normally is please bear with me. I know it’s bad form to wield your child in political discussions, and I totally understand why, but I am genuinely worried about her growing… Continue reading You broke it, you own it

A sense of proportionality

Earlier today the Yemeni rebels (I’ve decided to stop always calling them “Houthis,” because they’re not all Houthis) launched a ballistic missile into Saudi Arabia. The missile was intercepted and destroyed by the Saudis before it reached its target, and the Saudis then counterattacked against the site from which the missile was launched. Ho-hum, right?… Continue reading A sense of proportionality

From bad to unbelievably bad

This is about as awful a thing as you could have envisioned, both from a humanitarian standpoint and if you had any hope that the nearly busted Syrian ceasefire could somehow be saved: A United Nations aid convoy and a Syrian Arab Red Crescent warehouse were both struck by warplanes in Syria Monday local time,… Continue reading From bad to unbelievably bad

How is America helping to kill Yemenis today?

Here’s an interesting tweet, I think: What's Saudi up to in #Yemen?Tues: killed 15 at factoryFri: bombed vital bridgeSat: killed 10 children at a schoolToday: bombed hospital — Shireen Al-Adeimi (@shireen818) August 15, 2016 It’s all true. On Tuesday, Saudi airstrikes hit a potato factory in Sanaa, killing 15 people. On Friday, a bridge connecting… Continue reading How is America helping to kill Yemenis today?