Using Middle Eastern Christians for Imperial Aims

I’m very excited to bring you our first attwiw guest post! Georgetown University’s Joshua Mugler looks at the Trump administration’s “defense”of Middle Eastern Christians and places them in the context of similar–and generally cynical–past claims. If you would like to pitch something for attwiw, please email me. And if you enjoy this content, please consider… Continue reading Using Middle Eastern Christians for Imperial Aims

Americas Donald Trump update, May 16-17 2017

I’m going to be completely honest, and I don’t think I’m the only one feeling this way, but I am constantly in a state of moderate confusion lately. Donald Trump’s ability to pile one ridiculous fuckup on top of another has exceeded my ability to keep track of them all. Right now, as far as… Continue reading Americas Donald Trump update, May 16-17 2017

Happy Mission Accomplished Day!

It’s been 14 years since George W. Bush declared victory in Iraq. Time flies. So far this year, says that 5778 Iraqi civilians have been killed as a direct result of the chain of events set off by Bush’s Iraq invasion (we’ll leave aside the ancillary effects of the invasion in, for example, Syria).… Continue reading Happy Mission Accomplished Day!

Conflict update: April 27 2017

SYRIA The cause of the explosion that happened at Damascus International Airport this morning has (more or less) been revealed: An Israeli minister has appeared to confirm that Israel struck a Hezbollah arms supply hub in Syria on Thursday close to the airport in Damascus where weapons from Tehran are regularly sent by commercial and… Continue reading Conflict update: April 27 2017

How to craft a narrative

If you’ve ever wondered how to go about creating a narrative to drive public perception about a story, I’m here to help. I’d like to start, if I may, with a couple of examples. Back in January, NATO began major troop movements as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, a mission begun in response to Russia’s… Continue reading How to craft a narrative

Conflict update, April 26 2017

SYRIA UPDATE: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is reporting that there’s been an explosion and fire at Damascus International Airport. No cause has been suggested. As promised, the French government has produced proof that Bashar al-Assad’s government was behind the April 4 chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykhun–and as expected, it’s somewhat less than meets… Continue reading Conflict update, April 26 2017

Conflict update: April 25 2017

SYRIA This morning, Turkish aircraft struck Kurdish targets in Iraq’s Sinjar region and around the town of Derika (also known as Dayrik and al-Malikiyah) in northeastern Syria. The Syrian YPG militia says that 20 of its fighters were killed in the strikes, while Turkey claims that it killed 70 “militants” across both targets. The Iraqi… Continue reading Conflict update: April 25 2017