It’s always the cover-up

The investigation into Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, and the assorted wiretapping allegations that have accompanied it, have to be turned over to an independent investigator or, at least, a select Congressional committee with equal Republican and Democratic membership. I say this as somebody who remains largely unconvinced that this story is as big a… Continue reading It’s always the cover-up

The importance of circumspection

Cybersecurity is, along with many other things, not my forte. So if I get terms wrong here or otherwise screw up, please leave some constructive criticism in the comments. The story of this weekend was the release of almost 20,000 emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee’s servers by…somebody (we’re getting to that) at some… Continue reading The importance of circumspection

Today’s great deed in conservation

I’m not one of those “Al Gore is a big fat hypocrite for talking about global warming because he flies on airplanes” clowns. But I think there may be a teeny problem with the way we’re describing Paul Allen in the first line of this story: A yacht owned by Microsoft co-founder and marine conservationist… Continue reading Today’s great deed in conservation

Looking ahead to the 2016 Summer Poolympics

Rio de Janeiro, as you may know, is hosting the Olympics this August. I’m sure many people are very excited. I’m not sure that any potential participants in the open-water swimming or sailing events are too excited, though, since it appears they’ll be competing in the microbial equivalent of an open sewer: A new round… Continue reading Looking ahead to the 2016 Summer Poolympics

Somebody’s got some explaining to do

North Korea announced today that it has arrested a University of Virginia student on charges of “we felt like it” and “he picked the wrong day to be in Pyongyang”: Otto Frederick Warmbier, 21, was detained Jan. 2 at Pyongyang airport as he prepared to leave after a five-day trip over the New Year’s holiday,… Continue reading Somebody’s got some explaining to do

SATSQ, Saudi anti-terror coalition edition

Brookings’ Bruce Reidel asks an important question: Are the Saudis finally getting serious about the anti-ISIS fight? Obviously it’s still early, but so far? No: At least two nations said they were taken by surprise by the Saudi announcement that they were part of a 34 nation coalition. Pakistani Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry said he… Continue reading SATSQ, Saudi anti-terror coalition edition

Don’t invite an Assad to Capitol Hill

You won’t often (or ever again, maybe) see me link to something from Josh Rogin, the Bloomberg View columnist who, along with his fellow traveler Eli Lake, covers matters of war and peace well, mostly war. But he’s got the only reporting on this story that I can find, and I really wanted to write… Continue reading Don’t invite an Assad to Capitol Hill