Who are you going to believe, a bunch of experts or Chuck Schumer?

Chuck Schumer has unsurprisingly become every right-winger’s favorite Democrat since he declared last week that he’s voting against the Iran deal. Nothing wrong with that, I guess, although it seems an odd place to find a guy who thinks he’s going to be the next Democratic leader in the Senate. You gotta do what you… Continue reading Who are you going to believe, a bunch of experts or Chuck Schumer?

Busy day in Turkey

Turkey is dealing with the aftermath of a series of attacks in the southeastern part of the country and in Istanbul. Şırnak Province, in the southeast, saw two separate attacks by the Kurdish PKK that killed at least 5 Turkish security officers. In one attack, PKK fighters targeted a Turkish military helicopter with rockets, killing… Continue reading Busy day in Turkey

Define “can’t win”

Ezra Klein: In a war with Fox, Trump will likely lose Now Trump and Fox News are at war. And as Nate Silver writes, this is a war Trump probably can’t win. Until now, Trump has mostly been fighting with institutions that Republicans mistrust — like the media, and the Republican establishment in Washington, DC.… Continue reading Define “can’t win”

REMINDER: You can’t choose your family, even when you’re Bashar al-Assad

I assume most, if not all, of the people reading this have at least one cousin. Hell, technically we’re all cousins at some remove. My cousins are great, but I never see them, mostly because I am generally awful about seeing people I should see more often. Maybe your cousins are also great, or you… Continue reading REMINDER: You can’t choose your family, even when you’re Bashar al-Assad

Saturday Night Tunes: Sidney Bechet

The downside to Louis Armstrong’s overwhelming level of popularity is that other early jazz musicians are often crowded out of the picture when talking about jazz history. Sidney Bechet is undoubtedly one of those casualties. Like Armstrong, he was one of the first virtuoso soloists in jazz history, and what Armstrong did for future jazz… Continue reading Saturday Night Tunes: Sidney Bechet

When horrible human beings collide

If you’re wondering why a bunch of really terrible people seem all abuzz today, here’s the short version. Yesterday, in a CNN interview, Donald Trump suggested (in a classy way, totally above board, all the bells and whistles) that Fox News personality Megyn Kelly asked him a question about his long personal history of misogyny… Continue reading When horrible human beings collide

Chuck Schumer tries to have it both ways

Let’s get this out of the way: unless he actively whips votes against the Iran deal among Senate Democrats, Chuck Schumer’s decision to vote against the Iran deal is probably not going to derail the deal. I realize this would come as a major blow to The New York Times, whose breathless “Shaking Democratic Firewall”… Continue reading Chuck Schumer tries to have it both ways