It’s Trump Time in Tehran

I have very little interest in watching a Fox News personality tongue-bathe the most absurd presidential candidate this country has ever seen, so I may be skipping tonight’s debate. On the other hand, there’s a very good chance that a whole lot of Iranians will be seeing it, and frankly I think this is entirely… Continue reading It’s Trump Time in Tehran

Fact-free checkers

I watched last night’s VP debate despite my deep personal desire to, you know, not do that, and while I don’t really think there’s much of anything substantive to say about the debate itself (Pence won because, despite lying virtually non-stop from beginning to end, his performance was not as unpleasant to watch as the… Continue reading Fact-free checkers

The punch not thrown

If you’re looking for commentary on last night’s debate, I don’t have much for you. To any right-minded human being Donald Trump looked like a heavy-breathing, interrupting, gibberish-spewing moron–seriously, you try to figure out what this means–and that, of course, means that Trump’s base probably thinks he kicked ass. Trump’s problem is that, while there… Continue reading The punch not thrown

DEBATE 2016: Time, channels, and more

Many people are wondering what time the debate is tonight. In fact, people regularly come up to me and say, “Derek, you’re obviously very intelligent, so intelligent, and handsome! Can you tell us what time the debate is tonight, because the losers in the mainstream media”–and they’re just the worst, aren’t they? vile, wretched human… Continue reading DEBATE 2016: Time, channels, and more