Deep electoral thoughts

Consider this: if somebody had told you a year ago that by early May the Democratic primary would be closer than the Republican primary*, without Joe Biden getting into the race, would you have believed them? I don't think I would have. * I realize that both contests are effectively over, math-wise, but with Cruz … Continue reading Deep electoral thoughts


Forget it Jake, it’s the Iowa Caucus

I need your help to keep this blog going! Please read this and consider contributing something. Also, while you’re out there on the internet tubes, please consider liking this blog’s Facebook page and following me on Twitter! And please share my work with your friends/followers to help me grow the audience around here! Thank you! Here's … Continue reading Forget it Jake, it’s the Iowa Caucus

What a President Sanders might mean for the Middle East

Over at LobeLog I've got a new piece that looks at what I could find of Bernie Sanders's statements and record with respect to several core Middle East issues--Israel-Palestine, ISIS, Iran, etc. Sanders doesn't have much of a foreign policy record, so apart from Israel-Palestine I was going mostly on things he's said so far … Continue reading What a President Sanders might mean for the Middle East

Rescuing democracy from the voters

Aside from getting people to talk about Michael Bloomberg, Michael Bloomberg's presidential campaign is apparently about one thing: making sure that America's political and financial establishment don't lose control of the country to those damn primary voters after all. That's the only thing I can gather from reading things like this: If Republicans were to … Continue reading Rescuing democracy from the voters