Europe/Americas update: May 22 2018

IN MEMORIAM Over the past few days, both hardline anti-communist historian and neoconservative icon Richard Pipes, 94, and Middle East historian and neoconservative icon Bernard Lewis, 101, passed away. They say it’s wrong to speak ill of the dead, so…let’s move on. EUROPE RUSSIA Yekaterinburg Mayor Yevgeny Roizman resigned on Tuesday to protest the end of mayoral… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: May 22 2018

Europe/Americas update: March 14-15 2018

EUROPE NATO Four more NATO members have cleared the alliance’s informal two percent of GDP defense spending target for 2018. Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania all joined Britain, Estonia, and Greece–who met the target in 2017 and again this year–and the United States, which annually spends approximately 473 percent of its GDP on defense (I might… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: March 14-15 2018

Europe/Americas update: September 2-3 2017

EUROPE RUSSIA Russia has vacated the three US diplomatic posts it was ordered to vacate last week, but the Kremlin is making sure everybody knows how Mad it is about having to do so: “We treat these developments as a blatantly hostile act, a grave violation by Washington of international law,” the Russian foreign ministry… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: September 2-3 2017

Europe/Americas update, August 28 2017

EUROPE RUSSIA Two Russian journalists, Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan, who (literally) wrote the book on Russia’s offensive cyber capabilities,have written an update to that book that covers Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign and the relationship between the Kremlin and WikiLeaks. One thing I find interesting, if unpersuasive on its own, is their… Continue reading Europe/Americas update, August 28 2017

Europe/Americas update: June 6 2017

FRANCE What appears to have been an attempted terrorist attack was thwarted by French police on Tuesday outside Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral. A man carrying knives and a hammer approached officers and began striking one with the hammer, while reportedly shouting “this is for Syria,” before at least one of the officers shot and wounded… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: June 6 2017

Europe/Americas update: June 5 2017

Hey, so this is going to be very short and mostly excerpts. I’ve written a whole lot today and I very much would like to go to sleep. EUROPE UNITED KINGDOM British security services are once again facing questions about whether they should have prevented a terrorist attack. Apparently at least one of the three… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: June 5 2017

Conflict update: April 19 2017

Hey! So, instead of finishing this and posting it at 11:58 like I usually do, tonight I’m going to try, you know, not doing that, and hopefully being asleep at 11:58 instead. I’d like to make that the new normal with these posts going forward, but we’ll see. SYRIA At The Nation, James Carden asks whether… Continue reading Conflict update: April 19 2017