World update: January 17 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Taliban leader Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada reportedly sent negotiators to Islamabad on Monday to meet with representatives of Afghan politician Pir Syed Hamid Gilani about the possibility of restarting peace talks with Kabul. The Afghan government does not appear to have sanctioned the meeting and there’s no indication anything came of it. MYANMAR Police in Rakhine state… Continue reading World update: January 17 2018

Asia/Africa update: November 27 2017

Obviously I’ve been away for a bit. I’m not going to even begin to cover everything that’s happened in the past week, but I will try to get caught up on a few major things. ASIA AFGHANISTAN Afghanistan’s next general election is scheduled for July, and as you may know Ashraf Ghani just canned the… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: November 27 2017

World update: November 10 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN At least one police officer was killed on Friday by a Taliban (most likely) suicide bomber in Helmand province. In an interview with Al Jazeera, former Afghan President Hamid Karzai says the US allowed ISIS to gain a foothold in Afghanistan: “In my view under the full presence, surveillance, military, political, intelligence, Daesh… Continue reading World update: November 10 2017

Asia/Africa update: September 18 2017

I got a late start today because I was working on a piece for LobeLog and also because I am extraordinarily spacey today. So if this update is briefer than usual, or if it meanders off and doesn’t make any sense–either is possible–then that’s why. ASIA AFGHANISTAN Six civilians were killed in Kandahar province on… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: September 18 2017

World update: September 6 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN At least six people were wounded Wednesday evening by a suicide bomber who attacked Bagram air base, and two civilians were killed by a roadside bomb in Laghman province. The Pentagon has finally put a troop number to its mini-surge in Afghanistan. It will deploy 3500 additional soldiers, slightly under the expected 4000,… Continue reading World update: September 6 2017

Asia/Africa update: September 2-3 2017

NORTH KOREA WELP. On Saturday, North Korea’s KCNA news agency reported that the country’s nuclear scientists and engineers had developed a hydrogen bomb capable of being fitted into a missile warhead. North Korea watchers kind of shrugged at this–it’s not believed that Pyongyang had ever tested a hydrogen (i.e., thermonuclear or two-stage) bomb, and getting… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: September 2-3 2017

Asia/Africa update: August 21-22 2017

PSA: This may very well be my last update until Monday. I’m traveling for the rest of the week and while ideally I would like to find time to pump out a little content while I’m doing so, realistically I don’t think it’s going to be possible. AFGHANISTAN Well, Donald Trump announced his Big New… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: August 21-22 2017