Paul Ryan: Policy Wank

Wonky graphs. A laser-point-y thing. Rolled-up sleeves and an attentive audience. @SpeakerRyan is so happy right now — Amber Phillips (@byamberphillips) March 9, 2017 OH. MY. GAWD. He’s so wonky and neat! And so smart! Other politicians don’t get into the policy and really understand it the way Paul–I’m allowed to call him Paul,… Continue reading Paul Ryan: Policy Wank

On people who are paid to punch down

Atrios, on Jay Leno: Leno’s an asshole because too much of his comedy involves punching down. Ratings demonstrate lots of people like that, but I didn’t. Glad he’s outta there. Over at Balloon Juice, DougJ expands on “punching down”: More and more, I’m inclined to group everyone I encounter, whether on teevee screen or on… Continue reading On people who are paid to punch down