World update, August 29 2017

I’m going to be out this evening so you’ll have to make do with a compressed afternoon news update today. MIDDLE EAST IRAQ Iraqi forces are clearing out Tal Afar while also pressing their advance against the remaining ISIS forces in the nearby town of Ayadiyah. It’s still too early to say what kind of… Continue reading World update, August 29 2017

Cannibalizing the past

I really don’t have much to say about Benjamin Netanyahu’s latest kerfuffle, the one where he intimated that (an apparently reluctant) Adolf Hitler was talked into exterminating the Jews (all he wanted to do was expel them from Europe) by Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during the 1920s and most of the… Continue reading Cannibalizing the past

From bad to worse with no end in sight

The Israeli-Palestinian violence that has people openly wondering if we’ve entered a Third Intifada is only getting worse. 32 Palestinians and 7 Israelis have been killed in Jerusalem over the past two weeks, and the situation promises to keep escalating right along with the severity of the Israeli security crackdown. Palestinian access to Al-Aqsa has… Continue reading From bad to worse with no end in sight

Your periodic Third Intifada watch

It’s time, again, to ask whether things are heading toward a third general Palestinian uprising in the West Bank: Israeli police have limited access to the Old City of Jerusalem after two Israelis were killed and three injured by Palestinians in separate stabbing incidents. The restrictions allow only Israeli citizens, tourists, and residents into the… Continue reading Your periodic Third Intifada watch

Al-Aqsa’s very tense couple of weeks

Tensions have been high around the Al-Aqsa/Temple Mount complex in Jerusalem all week., culminating in a violent clash between Palestinian protesters and Israeli security forces earlier today in which “dozens” of people were injured. It’s gotten bad enough that the U.N. Security Council chimed in on the subject today: The council statement says Muslims at… Continue reading Al-Aqsa’s very tense couple of weeks

Is something big about to happen at al-Aqsa/the Temple Mount?

Speaking of Israel and Palestine, there seems to be a growing concern that the Israeli government may do something to change the legal status of al-Aqsa: On Monday, chunks of rock still peppered the entrance to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest site. Volunteers worked to remove shards of glass and metal, but parts of… Continue reading Is something big about to happen at al-Aqsa/the Temple Mount?