Conflict update: January 10 2017

The Ritz-Carlton Moscow It’s possible I’ll be able to formulate some thoughts about this as soon as I’m done laughing about it, but for now let me just say one thing. While I have absolutely no problem believing that the Russian government has dirt, possibly serious dirt, on our president-elect, the story that Buzzfeed ran… Continue reading Conflict update: January 10 2017

Conflict update: December 28 2016

In the rarest of rarities, I might actually get to go on a date with my wife this evening, so I’m getting this out there early. If anything big happens later I’ll come back and update. Israel-Palestine John Kerry’s speech on the Israel-Palestine peace process was perhaps (though perhaps not; see below) the biggest story… Continue reading Conflict update: December 28 2016

Conflict update: December 23 2016

Barring some kind of major happening I’m out for the next couple of days. Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating it and Happy Hanukkah to those who are celebrating it. To those who are celebrating both, stop hoarding all the presents. Now, one last dose of (mostly) bad news for you all. Israel-Palestine I… Continue reading Conflict update: December 23 2016

Conflict update: December 21 2016

Israel-Palestine The UN Security Council will vote tomorrow on a resolution, authored by Egypt, demanding a stop to the construction of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. This will not be the first time the Security Council has taken up the issue of Israel’s illegal, slow-rolling annexation of occupied Palestinian territory, and… Continue reading Conflict update: December 21 2016

Conflict update: December 10

Turkey At around 11 PM tonight local time, two bombs hit downtown Istanbul, killing at least 29 people and injuring another 166. First, a car bomb exploded outside the Beşiktaş Vodafone Arena. Shortly after that, a suicide bomber detonated a smaller explosion a short distance away. Suspicion, as it always does in these cases, will… Continue reading Conflict update: December 10

Conflict update: December 9

Tonight’s roundup is going to be short and to the point (and a little earlier than usual), my apologies. Iraq The Iraqi military says that it captured another neighborhood in eastern Mosul today, in the process destroying (via airstrike) three facilities where ISIS has been manufacturing car bombs. In Baghdad, meanwhile, multiple bombing attacks today… Continue reading Conflict update: December 9

Conflict update: December 5

Libya After a surprisingly long operation, it appears that Sirte is fully under the control of the militias that have been battling ISIS there: The drawn-out capture of Sirte, the last major Islamic State (Isis) stronghold in Libya, has been completed after months of fighting and a stubborn resistance by snipers. Rida Issa, a spokesman… Continue reading Conflict update: December 5