World update: December 5 2017

POLLUTION New research into the effect of air pollution on fetal development paints a pretty stark picture: Air pollution significantly increases the risk of low birth weight in babies, leading to lifelong damage to health, according to a large new study.   The research was conducted in London, UK, but its implications for many millions… Continue reading World update: December 5 2017

World update: November 9 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN One man was killed and two others injured by a suicide bomber in Balkh province on Thursday. The dead man was Abdul Ghani, described as a former militant turned businessman. Meanwhile, the UN says it believes at least 10 civilians were killed in an American airstrike in Kunduz province on Saturday, which is… Continue reading World update: November 9 2017

Asia/Africa update: August 1 2017

You may have noticed that I’ve been away for a couple of weeks. While I’m absolutely not going to try to catch you up on everything that’s happened while I’ve been away, I will be interspersing the usual daily news with a few stories that developed over that time. ASIA AFGHANISTAN At least 29 people… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: August 1 2017

Bangladesh developing: terrorists attack cafe in Dhaka, take hostages

It’s late and I’ve been away most of the evening, but I would be remiss not to at least say something here about the events unfolding in Bangladesh. A group of attackers, “six to eight” according to reports, took perhaps 20-35 hostages in a bakery/cafe in downtown Dhaka and killed at least two police officers… Continue reading Bangladesh developing: terrorists attack cafe in Dhaka, take hostages

Good read on Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent

Lawfare has an excellent essay up today, by South Asia expert and Georgetown professor C. Christine Fair, on the rise of Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent and what Ayman al-Zawahiri may be hoping to achieve with the new franchise’s launch. Obviously just by virtue of its long presence in the Pashtun tribal regions of… Continue reading Good read on Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent