Middle East update: January 9 2018

SYRIA Damascus says that Israeli forces struck the Qutaifa area near Damascus from air and ground on Tuesday, presumably because of something to do with Hezbollah although as usual the Israeli government refused to talk about it. Questions about who exactly has been attacking Russia’s military bases in Latakia remain unanswered, and that’s encouraging some creative… Continue reading Middle East update: January 9 2018

Conflict update: January 9 2017

Apologies; normally I like to keep things more active around here, but I’m working on a big piece for LobeLog and it’s taking a while to get through it. It’s a long Q&A with a couple of respected foreign policy analysts about the Obama foreign policy legacy. And while you might think that sounds easy,… Continue reading Conflict update: January 9 2017

Death in the family

Like any mostly closed/insulated group of people–Fortune 500 CEOs, Catholic clergy, the mafia, Congress–there are a lot of ways in which Iran’s religious (and increasingly military) ruling class resembles a family. There are a lot of things binding them together: everybody knows each other, they all share some common backgrounds and life experiences, they probably… Continue reading Death in the family