Conflict update: May 4 2017

UNITED KINGDOM That big emergency meeting that the Queen made her staff attend at Buckingham Palace this morning, the one that sent your social media feeds into a tizzy? It was to announce that Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, her husband of almost 70 (!) years…is retiring from public life this fall. Which, I… Continue reading Conflict update: May 4 2017

Not an overnight change

There’s been a little recent fallout from Iran’s Majles/Assembly of Experts elections, and it hasn’t looked great for Iranian moderates despite their significant electoral successes. Ali Larijani, the conservative Majles speaker, won reelection to that post earlier this week. Ideologically, Larijani is usually lumped in with the so-called “Principlist” camp, the group that wants to… Continue reading Not an overnight change

My Iran election primer, at Medium

I just posted a primer for tomorrow’s Iranian elections at Medium: The parliamentary elections are important  — a less hardline parliament means more space for Rouhani to implement his domestic agenda (although even an outright reformist parliament would be subject to being overriden by the Guardians’ Council and the Supreme Leader), and a more hardline parliament… Continue reading My Iran election primer, at Medium