Europe/Americas update: February 14 2018

CLIMATE CHANGE Well folks, it’s been fun. I hope whatever supremely heat- and water-resistant creature inherits this planet does a better job with it than we did: A draft United Nations climate science report contains dire news about the warming of the planet, suggesting it will likely cross the key marker of 1.5 degrees Celsius, or 2.7… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: February 14 2018

Europe/Americas update: June 22 2017

EUROPE EUROPEAN UNION The EU has announced agreement on a handful of collective defense measures: European Union leaders launched their the most ambitious defense plan for decades on Thursday, agreeing a multi-billion-euro weapons fund, shared financing for battlegroups and allowing a coalition of the willing to conduct more missions abroad. It comes as tensions with Moscow… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: June 22 2017