World update: March 21 2018

WATER A new report finds that water is getting scarcer and access to it more unequal: Water inequality is increasing in the world’s most environmentally stressed nations, warn the authors of a report that shows more than 800 million people need to travel and queue for at least 30 minutes to access safe supplies.  … Continue reading World update: March 21 2018

Conflict update: March 15 2017

SECOND VERSE, SAME AS THE FIRST Well, that was fast. Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban 2.0, which is totally not about religion, you guys, just got blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii for being, you know, pretty much about religion. In his ruling, District Judge Derek Watson in particular rejected one of the administration’s favorite… Continue reading Conflict update: March 15 2017

Does anybody make dumber analogies than Rick Santorum?

Former US Senator Rick Santorum said A Thing last night, which is that Obamacare America is basically like Apartheid South Africa. No, really! Praising Mandela for standing up to a “great injustice,” the former Pennsylvania senator continued by ascribing his own conservative principles to the civil rights pioneer: Nelson Mandela stood up against a great… Continue reading Does anybody make dumber analogies than Rick Santorum?