Middle East update: March 11 2019

SYRIA Reuters says that ISIS is getting "pounded" in Baghouz, which is not nearly as hot as it sounds. The Syrian Democratic Forces militia earlier on Monday said it was advancing slowly into the town due to mines and other traps laid by ISIS along with the danger posed by ISIS snipers. I'm not sure … Continue reading Middle East update: March 11 2019


Europe/Americas update: January 26-27 2019

EUROPE BELGIUM An estimated 70,000 protested in Brussels on Sunday in support of stronger action on climate change. The demonstrators directed their ire at both the Belgian government and the European Union, and with the country heading into both national and European parliamentary elections later this year it would seem that climate action is definitely … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: January 26-27 2019

World update: December 8-9 2018

ASIA ARMENIA As expected, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's One Step Alliance won a resounding victory in Sunday's Armenian parliamentary election. One Step reportedly came away with over 70 percent of the vote, albeit with relatively low (around 49 percent) turnout. Election observers have yet to weigh in on any potential irregularities. AFGHANISTAN Taliban fighters attacked a … Continue reading World update: December 8-9 2018