World update: May 25 2018

ASIA INDIA If the possibility of an Indian-Chinese war worries and/or excites you, then you may want to pay attention to recent Chinese mining activity in areas around the highly disputed border between the two nations. The area is believed to contain tens of billions of dollars worth of precious metals, so there’s definitely an… Continue reading World update: May 25 2018

Asia/Africa update: March 2 2018

ASIA ARMENIA Armen Sarkissian, former prime minister and ambassador, is your new Armenian president. Congrats to him, even though the job has been mostly downgraded to ceremonial levels now. AFGHANISTAN At least two people were killed in Kabul on Friday when a car bomb, apparently targeting a NATO convoy, detonated in the Afghan capital. There’s… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: March 2 2018

World update: December 15 2017

IMPORTANT SITE UPDATE: All this time, without realizing it, I’ve had accelerated mobile posting turned on and as a result anybody coming to this site via a mobile link has been landing on a dull AMP page rather than the nice premium (as in I’m paying for it) theme page that I specifically chose for this… Continue reading World update: December 15 2017

Libya gets A ceasefire, but not THE ceasefire

Alongside the much more prominent and destructive national civil war that’s been raging in Libya between its two competing governments (and between those governments and ISIS), there’s also been a regional war going on in the southern part of the country (the Fezzan region) between two Berber peoples, the Tubu and Tuareg. They’ve had a… Continue reading Libya gets A ceasefire, but not THE ceasefire

Islamic History, Part 18: the conquest of Iberia (711-759)

Islamic History Series In contrast the decline of the Umayyad Dynasty in Syria, a period that I’m sure was as confusing for you to read about as it was for me to write about (imagine living through it), the conquest of Spain is considerably more straightforward, and takes place at a time when the rest… Continue reading Islamic History, Part 18: the conquest of Iberia (711-759)