World update: May 25 2018

ASIA INDIA If the possibility of an Indian-Chinese war worries and/or excites you, then you may want to pay attention to recent Chinese mining activity in areas around the highly disputed border between the two nations. The area is believed to contain tens of billions of dollars worth of precious metals, so there’s definitely an… Continue reading World update: May 25 2018

Middle East update: March 17-18 2018

SYRIA Turkish forces and their Syrian rebel proxies swarmed into Afrin city on Sunday and by the end of the day claimed that they’d taken complete control over the city. The YPG has been denying that the city has fallen but in the end it seems their fighters evacuated without putting up much of a… Continue reading Middle East update: March 17-18 2018

World update: October 7-8 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN One cornerstone of Donald Trump’s totally ingenious plan to win the Afghanistan War is: air power. Damn, why hasn’t anybody else thought of this? Washington is supplying the Afghan military with 159 Blackhawk helicopters and the flight training to use them. The choppers will be delivered slowly, and the training is expected to… Continue reading World update: October 7-8 2017

The Obama administration is in reruns

At least it’s a classic episode: The Obama administration is “on the verge of taking action” against the Islamic State in Libya, where the terrorist network has flourished in recent months, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee told POLITICO on Tuesday. Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) declined to describe what kind of action the… Continue reading The Obama administration is in reruns

Bibi Netanyahu for RNC Chair, let’s get this campaign started

As diplomatic gobsmackers go, I actually think that John Boehner’s decision to invite Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress without so much as a head’s up to the White House or the Democrats on the Hill is actually less outrageous than Lindsey Graham’s declaration a few weeks ago that he and “Congress” would “follow [Netanyahu’s] lead”… Continue reading Bibi Netanyahu for RNC Chair, let’s get this campaign started